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I'm Fab Frau - "Love your own style!"


"Love everything you own, whatever its era, cost or how it was made." Vintage, recycled and handmade accessories, bags, clothing, jewellery and decor for you and your home, plus a wonderful collection of vintage and retro photography magazines and books.

From my fabulous home studio located in beautiful semi-bushland in Victoria, Australia,  I love creating artistic endeavours that are a little different and off beat in choice of fabrics, trims and shapes whether using my sewing machines or cutting and pasting.  I adore vintage and putting new life into recycled items ... that doesn't mean to say that I don't enjoy a fabulous piece of modern or two around the home.  Basically, if I love something, I love it, regardless of what's splashed about the fashion mags at the moment *smile*.


In my Fab Frau Emporium eBay store you'll find lots of vintage treasures as well as fab ready to wear new and pre-owned, hand selected clothing from a huge range of jeans to fab jackets, skirts, tops, accessories and more - come visit! :-)


I've always loved vintage and sewing - even before it was fashionable and was born marching to the beat of my own drum and my working life fitted right in starting with behind the scenes in a posh advertising agency, talk back radio, three commercial television networks working with journalists and then ran my own little business in public relations and event management. I then changed tack completely and worked in television wardrobe and my love of sewing and creating was re-awakened and was followed by a couple of courses with a fabulous, professional rag trade woman.


I created 'Fab Frau' as an outlet for all of the above and as a way of embracing my German roots after a wonderful European trip that has filled my head with all sorts of creative ideas and this fab website is the natural progression.  I'm living the dream!  Check out Fab Frau on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Fab Frau Emporium on Facebook for pictures and more - and visit Fab Frau Emporium on eBay!


Thanks so much for checking me out - and please send a message if you'd like anymore info.



Suzy aka Fab Frau :-)



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